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Manuel Dos Reis, B. SC Pharmacist

Geriatric Care // Heart Health Pharmacist // Certified Addictions Management Pharmacist

“Proper patient care is always my very first priority. Every patient is unique and they deserve to be treated uniquely.”

Manuel and the Medicine Shoppe team put patient care at the forefront of their service priority. They take pride in offering quality care to each individual, and are actively involved in promoting health within the community.


Prescription Dispensing

We offer all of the expected prescription dispensing and drug services of a community pharmacy.

Compliance Packaging

Have a parent that needs help with their medications? We offer customized compliance packaging (blister packing)


We'll meet one-on-one to help you to identify and resolve common medication-related issues in order to get the most benefit from your medication.


Custom Formulation

Quality compounding and formulation is how we maximize your positive outcome. Your needs are met specifically each time by our trained professionals.

Addiction Management

Are you struggling with a substance addiction and not sure where to turn? We're certified in Addictions Management to help you on your road to recovery.

Home Shopper Program

We understand how important comfort at home is. That is why we offer personal equipment and personalized service that suits your needs!