Compounding Prescriptions

At the Medicine Shoppe we understand that your health requires medications that are unique as you are. Sometimes standard medication dosages, delivery methods or formularies may not be adequate or physically tolerated by every individual.

Are you sensitive to standard drug strengths? Are you allergic to preservatives or dyes? Have difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets? Do you have taste concerns? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should talk to our Compounding Pharmacist. 

Compounded prescriptions are ideal for those individuals who don’t respond to traditional methods of treatment. If you are allergic to dyes or preservatives, a compounding Pharmacist can leave those contents out of the medication. With your physician’s consent, a compounding Pharmacist can change the strength of the medication, alter its form for easier ingestion, or add flavour to make it more palatable. Medicines can be prepared by using several unique delivery systems such as a lozenge, lollipop, transdermal gel or cream, and liquid suspension (for precise individual specific needs).

Here is what your personal Medicine Shoppe Compounding Pharmacist can do for you:

Customize Dosage

Manufacturers create standard dosages. In compounding, medicines can be customized to individual-specific formulations and dosages; increasing reliability and decreasing the potential for adverse effects.

Alter delivery

In compounding, medicines can be produced in various forms, depending on your exact medical requirements. For example, if you have difficulty swallowing pills, a liquid, lollipop or suppository can be formulated for you; alternatively, if you’re allergic to a standard prescription lotion or cream, a customized topical treatment can be developed for you.

Modify Taste

When medicine doesn’t taste good, taking it can be an unpleasant experience, at best. Inc compounding, flavouring can be added to improve the taste of standard medications – especially great for kids!

Eliminate Preservatives

If you are allergic to certain preservatives or dyes of standard medications, compounding can eliminate those ingredients.

Make Available Discontinued Drugs

When a medicine is no longer available, your Medicine Shoppe® Pharmacist can most likely compound it for you.

Combine Medications

If you take numerous medications, we may be able to simplify your drug regimen by combining all your prescriptions into one.

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